Created Player Universe - If Youre Not In The Game Get In The Game3

Add Your Player To The Created Player Universe

If you’re not in the game, get in the game!  The Created Player Universe is a 8-sport connected multi-league.  There are several games you can add a created player to including, Backbreaker, EA Sports UFC 2, Fifa 14, Madden 2003, MLB The Show 14, NBA 2K13, NCAA Basketball 10, NCAA Football 2003, NCAA Football 2006, NCAA Gamebreaker 2004, NHL 17, Rugby 08 and WWE 2K19.  

Everything is connected, so choose your sports wisely.  If you get injured in one sport, you will be injured in all sports.  If your choose 6’3 for your player’s height, he/she will be the same height in any league they participate in.  

Can you create the first mega star that dominates in all 8 sports?  Will your created player become the new face of the universe?  Imagine that. 


BFL Backbreaker Football League
Backbreaker Football League
FTF MMA Finish The Fight
Finish The Fight MMA
Triple Threat Wrestling
Triple Threat Wrestling
CBL Crossover Basketball League
Crossover Basketball League



Backbreaker Football League