Backbreaker Football League

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Backbreaker Football League Complete Guide and Info

The Backbreaker Football League is the largest league in the Created Player Universe.  The league has 5 levels of competition.  Players who enter the Backbreaker Football League can start their career from high school and work their way up to the pros.  Because of mod ability, the league is hosted on the Xbox 360 version of Backbreaker, which allows custom ratings to be added to each player.  All players have proportional ratings based upon their ability, and will progress according to their specific archetype.  Every position has at least 3 archetypes and every archetype has 3 tiers (Gold, Silver, Bronze).  Specific goals are given to each position in the Backbreaker Football League. In order to level up, a player must reach his archetype specific goal.


  • (Gold) Receiving Back: 70 receptions, 700 yards receiving, 7 receiving touchdowns 
  • (Silver) Receiving Back: 35 receptions, 400 yards receiving, 4 receiving touchdowns


note: a receiving back can still level up if he completes 2/3 of any running back task.



The BFL is the mother league in the Backbreaker Football League.  It’s where the best players in the world play.  It’s very hard to make it on a BFL roster and if you make it on a team, it will be twice as hard to remain signed.  Bronze players are always one step away from being cut from the team.  These players are not stars.  In most cases, bronze players in the BFL are only there, because the team can’t afford to sign anymore silver and gold talent.

There are no multi-year contracts in the BFL.  Every contract is a one year incentive based contract, so players must continue to earn their money each and every year.  Gold star players must have gold star type numbers in order to keep their contract and their gold star tier.  Elite players who fail to have elite seasons will downgrade to silver star players along with their contract and ratings.

Tiers And Contracts

  • Gold (Elite) =$10 million per season
  • Silver (Pro) = $5 million per season
  • Bronze (Average) = $1 million per season


The BFL is a 32 team football league and is also the only league that has a full 7 round draft.  Each season, 224 players will be drafted into the BFL.  College athletes and even elite high school football players will be invited to the draft.  These players are not guaranteed to be starters and tbh, some of them may not survive preseason.  There are always hungry players in the D-League that are waiting to be signed, so players must perform well in order to keep their roster spot.

BFL Draft Pick Value

  • 1st Round=Gold
  • 2nd Round= Silver
  • 3rd Round= Silver
  • 4th Round= Silver
  • 5th Round=Bronze
  • 6th Round= Bronze
  • 7th Round= Bronze


Preseason in the BFL will last for 4 weeks and that will allow rookies and struggling veterans to get much needed playing time.

This league has a full playoff using the same format as the NFL.  12 of the best teams will advance to the playoffs, with 2 teams from each conference receiving a first round bye.  There will be a championship game (Omega Bowl) for the last 2 teams standing and following the championship, there will be an all-star game.





Backbreaker D-League

Backbreaker D-League (Backbreaker Development League)  is slightly larger than the BFL containing 33 teams from current and former real world football leagues.   The D-League has 4 Divisions with teams from the CFL, AAF, XFL, and NFL Europe.  The season is only 8 games, so the pressure is really on players to perform well each game.  The best players from Backbreaker D-League will be offered contracts to play in the BFL.

D-League Season Info

  • Season Length: 8 games
  • Playoffs: yes
  • Championship: yes
  • All-Star Game: yes


The BFL can also sign d-league players all throughout the season.  Each division will have its original championship game before the playoffs begin.  The best two teams in the CFL division will go to the Grey Cup, the top two XFL teams will have their Million Dollar Game, NFL Europe will have their World Bowl, and AAF will have their championship game also.  The winner of those games will advance to the Backbreaker D-League playoffs.





Backbreaker International Football League

Backbreaker International is obviously the largest league, because of the several countries and islands that are on planet earth.  Backbreaker International teams are divided up into 7 conferences: North America, South America, Europe, Asia, Australia, Africa, and Antarctica (Yes even Antarctica).  This league is still in the development stages.  Each conference will begin with a tournament to see which country or island will represent the continent in the Backbreaker World Tour Tournament.  Currently there is no stat tracking or amount of games per season.





Backbreaker College Football League (BCAA)

The Backbreaker College Football League has 16 schools but will expand further down the road.  The season length is 12 games.  BCAA bowl games and National Championship is in the plans for the association.  College athletes will have a 4 year career, but can leave after 1 season  if they choose to.  Walk-on athletes must participate in the spring football game where they will be evaluated based upon game performance.

Northern Conference

  • Blue Mountain State Mountain Goats
  • Bristol Reds
  • Hinds Liberty
  • Westbrook Blue Blazes


Eastern Conference

  • Eastern Michigan Lancers
  • Eastern State University Timberwolves
  • Missouri Tech
  • Slapahoe University Savages


Southern Conference

  • Atlanta State University
  • Basset A&M
  • Dab University Devils
  • Louisiana Mud Dogs


Western Conference

  • LA State Demons
  • SAU Bulls
  • Texahoma
  • U.C.L.S. Bookworms





Backbreaker High School Football League

This is where the Backbreaker Football League begins.  The Backbreaker High School Football League is where most new signups will begin their careers.  Currently there are 12 schools, but expansion plans is eyeing a total of 32 teams when the league is completed.

Outstanding players that compete in high school have an advantage over walk-ons in the BCAA.  BCAA walk-ons will automatically start off as a bronze tier player, meanwhile outstanding high school athletes may enter college with silver or possibly even gold tier status.  The top players in high school will be rewarded scholarships to play in the BCAA.

High School Season Info

  • Season Length: 8 games
  • Playoffs: yes
  • State Championship: yes


Every season, the BFL will look to find one or more superb players that are good enough to play professionally right out of high school.  Although the possibility of this is great, these type of players will be rare and if drafted they may be a bust waiting to happen.

New signups that begin their career in the Backbreaker High School Football League will start off as bronze tiers no matter what.  This is the beginning and there is no way to level up without playing through the season.  High school players can choose against going to college and can create their own path to the BFL through the D-League or playing International football.  Either way the BFL will be always on the lookout for the best talent.


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Sooo I can create a player. And get him into one of the teams’ rosters? I just got Backbreaker and watching your videos really helped me how to play, and I love all the weekly highlights and stuff.



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