Backbreaker Settings

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Backbreaker Sliders

With the right ratings and game settings, Backbreaker can produce some amazing gameplay and OMG moments.  The Backbreaker sliders I use would be recommended for experienced gamers, because of the hard difficulty level.

When the game difficulty is set to hard, you can expect the A.I to be very reactive.  On hard difficulty, the run game seems nearly impossible for some players, but I think my new archetype based ratings have solved that problem.

Backbreaker has 3 difficulty levels and play modes: easy, medium, & hard levels and arcade, pro, & custom play modes.  Maybe the most underated setting Backbreaker has to offer is form.  Form will control how well players perform on the field no matter how good they are.  Below i will recommend the best Backbreaker sliders for both new and experienced players.



Best Backbreaker Settings For New Players

If it’s your first time playing backbreaker I seriously recommend playing the game on easy until  you get familiar with the controls.  The controls in Backbreaker are not like Madden.  There are no buttons to throw receivers open, instead you throw with the right analog stick.  You can change the analog throwing settings, but I don’t recommend it for this game.

First Time Player Settings

  • Difficulty: Easy
  • Mode: Pro
  • Form: Random


New Player Settings

  • Difficulty: Medium
  • Mode: Pro
  • Form: Random


Best Backbreaker Settings For Experienced Players

If you’re looking for a serious challenge, it may take more than changing the settings to achieve this.  All of my rosters are modded, so I have total control over ratings.  With the Backbreaker PC Editor, you can make the game as difficult as you would like.

This is not a joke.  For those who think Backbreaker is a easy game, modded ratings will change their minds quickly.  Ask anyone who is familiar with my old youtube videos about the Underarmour team or the Blitz Captains team.  Those were two teams that were nearly impossible to beat.

I purposely created them to be tough and they lived up to my expectations.  My sliders are: pro mode, hard difficulty and random form.

Experienced Player Settings

  • Difficulty: Hard
  • Mode: Pro
  • Form: Random



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