Backbreaker Weather Conditions & How It Affects The Game

Backbreaker Weather Conditions

Backbreaker has a couple of weather conditions that can cause you to lose the game.  Backbreaker doesn’t have snow, but it does have rain and

Sports Mania 12.1

Sports Mania 12.1

Aaron Power scores a career high 46 points for the Privateers while they try to make a late run to the NCAA tournament. The Hurricanes get an unexpected 39 points from Optimus Cline and Chris Money sets a new XFL receiving record with 200+ yards.


Madden 07 Sliders – PS2

Madden 07 sliders can be adjusted by navigating to My Madden >gameplay settings >custom game.  My custom sliders are to provide the best highlight moments

NCAA Football 2003 Sliders

NCAA Football 2003 Sliders

Here is the NCAA Football 2003 Sliders that I use in my videos, to create the best possible highlights.  I play on two different difficulty

Backbreaker Sliders

Backbreaker Settings

With the right ratings and game settings, Backbreaker can produce some amazing gameplay and OMG moments.  The Backbreaker sliders I use would be recommended for


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