43 Underperforming XFL Players Signs With The MFL || Backbreaker

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Trevon Wallace_Backbreaker XFL

The XFL regular season is over and the player evaluation has begun.  Underperforming players will have an opportunity to play in the MFL (Madden Football League), instead of sitting in free agency.  Although the MFL is a 2nd tier development league, players may voluntarily play for this league even if they have BFL talent.

There are at least 43 players from the XFL that will be signing MFL contracts soon.  Among those 43 players are wide receiver Eric Stroughter and running back Cam Johnson, who both chose to pass up an opportunity to play in the BFL.  Stroughter and Johnson are current teammates for the Memphis Maniax and will be available to sign following the XFL championship game.




  1. Marcus Vick
  2. Jamarcus Russell
  3. Chris Gray
  4. Melvin Blades
  5. John Wilcox
  6. Ray Barry
  7. Ace Casey
  8. Brett Ferdinand
  9. Jake Maynard
  10. Brendon Shoenfield



Running Backs

  1. Cam Johnson  (Chose to sign with the MFL)
  2. Chance Westbrook
  3. Jason Robinson
  4. Kyle Kudador
  5. Malachi Mercer
  6. Michael Franklin
  7. Ryland Boehmer
  8. Terry Harrison
  9. Trevon Wallace



Wide Receivers

  1. Carlos Raffloer
  2. Eric Stroughter (Chose to sign with the MFL and changing position to cornerback)
  3. Jayden Shivers
  4. Jaylen Brown
  5. Jediah Ford
  6. Joe Hero
  7. Jordan Callaway
  8. Kevin Shorts III
  9. Rahmel Dockery
  10. Ronny Rice
  11. Sam Rice
  12. Trey Wade
  13. Tylon Blount




  1. Levi Drystone
  2. Ricky Robinson
  3. Daniel Pritchard




  1. Sammy Bennett
  2. Tavion Blue
  3. Dominic Sequeira
  4. Thomas Anderson




  1. Jermaine Hitt
  2. Cartel Beckham
  3. Byrel Wilson



Kick Returners

  1. Lane Lacy
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