AAF Preseason Scores | Backbreaker Football League

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AAF Preseason Scores Season 1 – Backbreaker Football League

Here’s the Backbreaker AAF preseason scores.  Arizona failed to show up against the San Antonio Commanders and lost 21-5.

Birmingham impresses with their running game.  Jaydon Banks ran for over 100 yards along with two touchdowns to help Birmingham get the 26-13 win over San Diego.

Atlanta wins a sloppy game against Memphis 12-6, despite the windy conditions that destroyed field goals and extra points.

Salt Lake was absolutely mauled in Florida 44-3.  Orlando did whatever they wanted to do against the Stallions.  If you want to assign blame, look no further than the receivers and offensive line.  With several dropped passes and blindside hits on the quarterback, Salt Lake has some work to do.




AAF Preseason Scores – Backbreaker Football League

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