Alexander McLucky Will Start In Week 9 Against The San Jose Coyotes

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Road To Backbreaker News – Alexander McLucky Will Start In Week 9 Against The San Jose Coyotes

Alexander McLucky will start in week 9 against the San Jose Coyotes.  Honestly the headline should read: Kylan Hedges hands the starting quarterback job over to McLucky.  Hedges got benched in week 7 for his terrible play and we didn’t see him in week 8.  Week 9 will keep him on the bench, but he may get playing time as a runner.  He can’t be trusted going forward.  It’s better to have the threat of a passing game, rather than have teams gang up on your running back.  Natural Motion paid $14, 526 to sign the gold star qb, which is a lot of money in the road to backbreaker world.  That money could have gone toward protecting Alexander McLucky and maybe even  on a tight end.


I wouldn’t say there is a quarterback controversy on Natural Motions football team, but I will say both of these qb’s will have to be used in different ways if their gonna have success in division 1.  With McLucky in the lineup, Natural Motion can throw the ball down the field with much success.  Kylan Hedges doesn’t seem to have any ability to throw the ball.  He flashed as a good passer in his first game, but has declined rapidly ever since.

In week 7 , Hedges went 1-5, 10 yds, 2 int before being benched.  How much can a coach take?  He’s turning the ball over, but not producing anything.  Hedges is being labeled as a run only quarterback and I’m not sure how many teams in the BFL will be looking for a qb that can only do one thing.


At this point, Hedges should just focus on establishing himself as a really good runner and be open to changing his position to running back if he gets a chance to play in the BFL.  Unfortunately for Hedges, I’m not sure how much shine he can get as a runner playing on the same team with Darius Anderson.  Natural Motion depends on Anderson heavily. Hedges on the other hand, is starting to look like a waste of money.  We’ll see.


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