Bill Walls 374 Yards Rushing vs. New Orleans Renegades

In week 8, Bill Walls broke the MFL rushing record previously held by Robbie Atkins, who broke his own record in week 5 with 370 yards rushing.  Atkins along with Ty Williams originally set the MFL record in opening week with 319 yards, then eventually Atkins shattered it in week 5 with 370.  Who would have known that record would have come down so fast?  Never say never.  3 weeks later after Robbie Atkins set the bar, Bill Walls came along and placed his name at the top of the history books.


MFL Rushing Record

  1. Bill Walls – 374 (Season 1, Week 8)
  2. Robbie Atkins – 370 (Season 1, Week 5)
  3. Robbie Atkins – 319 (Season 1, Week 1)
  4. Ty Williams – 319 (Season 1, Week 1)
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