The Backbreaker Football League is the largest league in the Created Player Universe.  Created players have the opportunity to play in all levels of football starting with high school.


The High School Football League only lasts one season, so players have to make the most of it.  From high school, the very good players will be awarded scholarships to play college football for one of the BCAA Schools.  High school players that are not awarded scholarships will have the opportunity to walk-on or play in one of the Development Leagues to continue their careers.


The College Football experience is 4 years, but players can leave school early, even after their freshman season.  The very best college football players will be invited to the BFL Draft where they will have the opportunity to play against the best players in the world.  Undrafted college football players and seniors that were not invited to the draft, can be signed to a practice squad or to a Development League team.


The BFL is the only league that supports contract signing.  All contracts are one year Prove It Deals.  No one will ever get signed to a multi-year deal.  Players will get re-evaluated each season to see if their value has increased or decreased. Player value will go up or down based upon game and season performance.  Read more about player value>>>


It’s hard to make to the BFL and it will be even harder to remain there.  There will be a lot of draft busts and disappointments.