backbreaker xfl (season 1) defensive leaders

top 25 tackles

PlayerTckTck For LossSckIntInt (TD)FFFRFR (TD)Def (TD)
Andre Pops5567000000
Jamie Guillory5061200000
Daniel Walker4733000000
Joker Lane4630100000
Devin Murray4510300000
Nester Solomon4512000100
Tayvion Blue4510201000
Boston Deloach4430000100
Levi Payne4151000000
Robert Gossett4030101000
Danny Cortez ★4034401100
Romeo Kidd3923200000
Brett Urdan3930101000
Travon Sroughter3910000100
Ramon Link3642100000
Jake Collier3623100000
Bill Goldberg3623000000
Rob Orlandi3530001000
Marshall Dellinger3504000111
Lawrence Kenon3521000000
Broshon Smith3401200000
Sam Young3414300000
Anthony Petito3336001000
Donte Harrison ★3300000000

top 25 sacks

PlayerSckIntInt (TD)FFFRFR (TD)Def (TD)
Jack Gillette9000000
Andre Pops7000000
Anthony Petito6001000
Dan Braden5000000
Dwayne Johnson5000000
Ramon Blount5000000
Michael Bankston5001000
Marshall Dellinger4000111
Rin Deadds4000000
Jake Manser4100000
Hawk Jackson4000000
Roderick Coleman4000000
Sam Young4300000
Danny Cortez ★4401100
Daniel Walker3000000
Jake Collier3100000
Bill Goldberg3000000
Kevon Wright ★3000000
Kole Schumacher3000000
Joe Anoai3000000
Romeo Kidd3200000
David Chubb2000000
Ramon Link2100000
Ezekiel Hiatt2000000
Travon Drake2000000

top 25 interceptions

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Backbreaker XFL Week 6 Highlights

Backbreaker XFL Week 6 Highlights

For the first time ever in the XFL series, we have 3 overtime games in one week. Lots of big plays in week 6 with the playoffs closing in. There is still a 3 way tie for the #1 and #2 spots, but hopefully week 6 will solve this playoff puzzle.

XFL Week 4 Scores – Backbreaker Football League

Backbreaker XFL Week 4 Scores

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