backbreaker xfl (week 2) defensive leaders

Season 1

RkPlayerTeamTckTck For LossSckIntInt (TD)FFFRFR (TD)Def (TD)
1Danny Cortez ★Xtreme1101000000
2Eli MaloneManiax1100000000
3Tayvion BlueHitmen1000100000
4Levi PayneHitmen1000000000
5Brett UrdanDemons1000000000
6Rob OrlandiRage900000000
7Grant MayerXtreme900100000
8Kevon Wright ★Hitmen802000000
9Troy BrownEnforcers800000000
10Andre PopsDemons804000000
12Donte HarrisonOutlaws800000000
13Daniel WalkerHitmen800000000
14Ramon LinkXtreme800000000
15Michael BankstonRage803001000
16Rick JonesXtreme701000000
17Laron LandryRage700000000
18Kobi RussellDemons700100000
19Sam YoungEnforcers701000000
20Jamie GuilloryRage700000000
21Joker LaneManiax700100000
22Jake VolkermanHitmen700000000
23Marshall DellingerManiax701000000
24Devin MurrayDemons600100000
25Cartel BeckhamDemons600000000
26Broski StroughterThunderbolts601000000
27Chris DixonRage600000000
28Dominic SequeiraEnforcers600100000
29Amir KentuckyRage600000000
30Broshon SmithEnforcers600100000
31Kyan LeightonThunderbolts600000000
32Robert GossettOutlaws600000000
33Ezekiel HiattRage600000000
34Jake RobersonEnforcers601000000
35Nester SolomonThunderbolts600000000
36Rin DeaddsDemons500000000
37Carlos RainersManiax500100000
38Jose SalinasManiax500000000
39Jalonie MurryDemons500000000
41Romeo KiddDemons500000000
42Dan BradenEnforcers500000000
43Roderick ColemanThunderbolts502000000
44Boston DeloachThunderbolts500000000
45Bill GoldbergOutlaws501000000
46Kevin ColemanXtreme500000000
47Nick LevinsXtreme500000000
48Dwayne JohnsonOutlaws501000000
49Ramon BlountHitmen502000000
50Chike MartinezThunderbolts400000000

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