backbreaker xfl (week 5) defensive leaders

Top 25 Tackles

RkPlayerTeamTckTck For LossSckFF
1Andre PopsDemons15400
2Devin MurrayDemons12000
3Robert GossettOutlaws11200
4Joker LaneManiax11300
6Broshon SmithEnforcers9000
7Daniel WalkerHitmen9330
8Roderick ColemanThunderbolts9020
9Jaiden BostonXtreme9300
10Boston SharkeyManiax9210
11Romeo KiddDemons8200
12Boston DeloachThunderbolts8000
13Ramon LinkXtreme8200
14Lucas HundersonHitmen7000
15Rin DeaddsDemons7220
17Cortez NunezThunderbolts7000
18Jamie GuilloryRage7200
19Jake ManserEnforcers7310
20Nester SolomonThunderbolts7000
21Travon SroughterHitmen6000
22Tayvion BlueHitmen6001
23Lawrence KenonThunderbolts6000
24Danny Cortez ★Xtreme6110
25Chris DixonRage6000

Top 25 In Sacks

1Daniel WalkerHitmen300
2Hawk JacksonHitmen300
3Rin DeaddsDemons200
4Dan BradenEnforcers200
5Roderick ColemanThunderbolts200
6Dwayne JohnsonOutlaws200
8Byrel WilsonOutlaws100
9Danny Cortez ★Xtreme100
10Derrick PayneEnforcers100
11Sam YoungEnforcers100
12Jake CollierEnforcers100
13Horace DollarDemons101
14Boston StevensonEnforcers100
15Arthur SewellDemons100
16Boston SharkeyManiax100
17Joseph DanielsHitmen100
18Dallin BartonHitmen100
19Jackie PerronEnforcers100
20Kole SchumacherEnforcers100
21Ramon BlountHitmen100
22Jake ManserEnforcers100
23Michael BankstonRage100

Top 10 Interceptions

RkPlayerTeamIntInt (TD)FFFR
1Danny Cortez ★Xtreme2000
2Darius JacksonEnforcers1000
3Cedric CookseyRage1000
4Broshon SmithEnforcers1000
5Jose SalinasManiax1000
6Axel PressManiax1000
7Romeo KiddDemons1000
8Sam YoungEnforcers1000
9Jake CollierEnforcers1000
10Jamie GuilloryRage1000

More Week 5 Stats

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