backbreaker xfl (season 1) kick return leaders

PlayerKRKR YdsKR AvgKR TDFum
Lane Lacy1733519.700
Devin Mcaffrey1225821.500
Jabari Michael1023523.500
Kenny Dash919021.100
Nimble Nick617128.510
Jake Miller916518.300
Adrian Smith716423.400
Chris Dixon714220.300
Forrest Gump ★613222.000
Trey Wade712718.100
Carlos Raffloer711416.300
Jordan Callaway59519.000
Jersey Maggs58116.200
Jason Batista36521.700
Kevin Shorts III36120.300

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XFL Week 4 Scores – Backbreaker Football League

Backbreaker XFL Week 4 Scores

Jordan Gonder breaks 3 records in the win against Memphis.   Huge no call for pass interference lifts the Rage over the Outlaws.   New