backbreaker xfl (Week 4) kick return leaders

Season 1

RkPlayerTeamKRKR YdsKR AvgKR TDFum
1Devin McaffreyManiax614624.300
2Lane LacyXtreme510821.600
3Carlos RaffloerOutlaws46716.800
4Jason BatistaRage36521.700
5Trey WadeHitmen24924.500
6Jabari MichaelDemons24020.000
7Jake MillerEnforcers23417.000
8Jordan CallawayEnforcers12020.000
9Adrian SmithHitmen11919.000
10Forrest GumpThunderbolts188.000
11Nimble NickThunderbolts111.000

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Backbreaker XFL Week 6 Highlights

Backbreaker XFL Week 6 Highlights

For the first time ever in the XFL series, we have 3 overtime games in one week. Lots of big plays in week 6 with the playoffs closing in. There is still a 3 way tie for the #1 and #2 spots, but hopefully week 6 will solve this playoff puzzle.

XFL Week 4 Scores – Backbreaker Football League

Backbreaker XFL Week 4 Scores

Jordan Gonder breaks 3 records in the win against Memphis.   Huge no call for pass interference lifts the Rage over the Outlaws.   New