backbreaker xfl (season 1) kicking leaders

PlayerFGMFG AttFG%1-29 Md1-29 Att30-49 Md30-49 Att50+ Md50+ AttXP MdXP Att
Jamal Pinkney8120.6704771155
Zechariah Gilman771.002233221010
Jorden Chung790.7824550077
Antonio Allionia790.78134422711
Bernardo Dangelo661.0022440045
Antonio Nick590.562633001414
Erick Partridge450.800133111212
Heath Merlin150.200411001515
Gregory Conners000.0000000000
Jaiden Boston000.0000000000
Jaiden Battle000.0000000000
Homer Gilliland000.0000000000
Chad Tolber000.0000000000
Jeffrey Teague000.0000000000
Aydin Teague000.0000000000
Ben McCulloch000.0000000000
Isaias Garvin000.0000000000
Deion Moriarty000.0000000000
Jamie Guillory000.0000000000
Heriberto Dickson000.0000000000
Boston Sharkey000.0000000000
Demarion Piazza000.0000000000
Marty Morales000.0000000000
Ricky Pass000.0000000000
Kendrick Shoenfield000.0000000000

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Backbreaker XFL Week 6 Highlights

Backbreaker XFL Week 6 Highlights

For the first time ever in the XFL series, we have 3 overtime games in one week. Lots of big plays in week 6 with the playoffs closing in. There is still a 3 way tie for the #1 and #2 spots, but hopefully week 6 will solve this playoff puzzle.

XFL Week 4 Scores – Backbreaker Football League

Backbreaker XFL Week 4 Scores

Jordan Gonder breaks 3 records in the win against Memphis.   Huge no call for pass interference lifts the Rage over the Outlaws.   New