backbreaker xfl (week 4) receiving leaders

Season 1

RkPlayerTeamRecRec YdsAvgTDDropsFum
1Julian BarnesEnforcers510921.8000
2Bill SimonsEnforcers68914.8201
3Scott FerdinandXtreme78211.7000
4Forrest GumpThunderbolts58116.2000
5Rory HarlowManiax38127.0120
6Cameron RoseRage46516.3000
7Trent HarrisonHitmen36421.3100
8Drake NitroHitmen24623.0000
9Kenny DashOutlaws5459.0000
10West JohnsonHitmen24321.5100
11Marquis CaseyXtreme44210.5000
12David BulletThunderbolts34214.0020
13Eric Stroughter ★Maniax44010.0000
14Derrick RumbleXtreme14040.0000
15Cutters McSpeedtonEnforcers23919.5000
16Jason BatistaRage23517.5000
17Eli WrightOutlaws23115.5000
18Sadiq LewisOutlaws12929.0000
19Jayden ShiversManiax22914.5000
20Taylor McNelisOutlaws22814.0000
21Rodney BrewingtonManiax22713.5000
22Bulldozer McGeeDemons22412.0000
23Carlos RaffloerOutlaws12323.0000
24Ryan SeayRage22311.5100
25Josh BostromHitmen22110.5000
26Justin ArmourHitmen11919.0000
27Chris MoneyDemons11818.0000
28Dmani ManuelDemons2157.5001
29Chad TolberHitmen11414.0000
30Amari Manuel ★Xtreme2147.0100
31Jordan GonderEnforcers11313.0000
32Javion HilliardThunderbolts11111.0000
33Trevon WallaceOutlaws11010.0001
34Sam RiceDemons188.0000
35Andrew LowryRage166.0100
36Cam JohnsonManiax242.0000
37Chosen SummersManiax144.0000
38Ryland BoehmerXtreme133.0000
39Chaz HaagManiax133.0000
40Devin CadeXtreme1-1-1.0000
41Jordan CallawayEnforcers2-1-0.5000

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Backbreaker XFL Week 6 Highlights

Backbreaker XFL Week 6 Highlights

For the first time ever in the XFL series, we have 3 overtime games in one week. Lots of big plays in week 6 with the playoffs closing in. There is still a 3 way tie for the #1 and #2 spots, but hopefully week 6 will solve this playoff puzzle.

XFL Week 4 Scores – Backbreaker Football League

Backbreaker XFL Week 4 Scores

Jordan Gonder breaks 3 records in the win against Memphis.   Huge no call for pass interference lifts the Rage over the Outlaws.   New