Week 1

Backbreaker High School Football League | Week 1 Receiving Leaders

RkPlayerTeamPos.RecRec YdsAvgTDDropsFum
1Donquez ChamblissManassasWR512825.6100
2Trent HurleyT.C. Williams TitansTE312441.3200
3Big Play HudsonMiami CatholicWR410025.0200
4Jimmy SandersonEast TexasWR39331.0000
5Giovanni BattagliaEverestTE59118.2100
7Cameron DermottT.C. Williams TitansWR57214.4100
8Tony NewtonBuenos AiresWR46716.8100
9Charlie Tweeder ★-KR, WR35518.3000
10Andrew RoznovskyBuenos AiresWR35217.3000
11Chris JohnsonWoodlawn ColonelsWR55210.4000
12Brendan NapolitanoBuenos AiresRB25125.5001
13RioShiloh EaglesWR15151.0100
14Justice WilliamsWest Canaan CoyotesWR35117.0000
15Braden BurrowsBuenos AiresWR34916.3000
16Brian Murphy ★Toronto CougarsTE14747.0000
17Butch BowersWest Canaan CoyotesTE44511.3000
18Randy SwensonManassasWR24020.0000
19Jadon GomezManassasRB4399.8000
20Clifford FranklinToronto CougarsWR23919.5100
21Cohen Waters JR ★Shiloh EaglesKR, WR23718.5000
22Calvin ForthEast TexasRB4369.0000
23Dandre Cartlidge ★Toronto CougarsTE23618.0100
24Cameron MorganWoodlawn ColonelsTE13535.0000
25Boyd KnudsenWoodlawn ColonelsWR33511.7000
26Lawson JoekenEast TexasTE33411.3100
27Toussaint KirkEast TexasWR23015.0000
28Andrew OswaldT.C. Williams TitansWR12929.0001
29Christopher ShankEverestWR22914.5000
30Evan Polk ★T.C. Williams TitansRB3289.3000
31Christopher TrueBuenos AiresWR3279.0000
32Ahmed AvilesEverestWR22713.5000
33Remington JenkinsEverestWR22613.0000
34Orlando BustamanteShiloh EaglesTE12626.0100
35Conner FingeroosBuenos AiresRB3258.3000
36Aiden NugentWoodlawn ColonelsWR22412.0000
37Braedon GardinerToronto CougarsWR12222.0000
38DJ DrewShiloh EaglesWR12222.0000
39Masai ByrdManassasRB12020.0000
40Demetrius HarrisEverestRB3206.7000
41Jack NifeT.C. Williams TitansWR22010.0000
42Jake DakanBuenos AiresTE11919.0000
43Grayson WalterMiami CatholicWR11717.0000
44Deion DunneWoodlawn ColonelsTE3165.3000
45Paul BrantleyMiami CatholicTE11616.0000
46Darnell Jefferson ★Woodlawn ColonelsRB3155.0000
47Julian WashingtonEast TexasRB11414.0001
48Joe GronkowskiMiami CatholicTE11313.0000
49Mellow YellowShiloh EaglesRB2126.0000
50Ralph Rayner IIIToronto CougarsRB199.0001
51August TolbertManassasWR294.5110
52Marble OneWoodlawn ColonelsRB294.5100
53Walter CochranManassasRB188.0000
54Brock Ebert ★Shiloh EaglesTE188.0000
55Adrian FrantzBuenos AiresWR177.0000
56Butta ★Shiloh EaglesRB263.0000
57Nick MaloneyMiami CatholicWR155.0000
58Larry 2 FuksT.C. Williams TitansRB144.0000
59Emmanuel ★West Canaan CoyotesRB144.0000

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