Leaving The XFL For Now | RG3 Signs With The Ravens

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It’s official, RG3 signs with the Ravens, but what does that mean for the Orlando Rage?  Not much considering Orlando is 0-2 and are struggling to put points on the board.  To his defense, it’s not all Griffin’s fault.  He was able to move the ball down the field better than any other quarterback in the league.

In his two games, Robert Griffin III led the league with 614 passing yards and 3 touchdowns.  His team also threw the ball more than the other 7 teams in the XFL division, which in turn led to more sacks.  Without a ground game to lean on, Griffin was called on to be the guy and he did pretty good despite the little he had to work with.

Now the Rage will hand the keys over to rookie quarterback Ray Barry.  Barry has not taken a snap in preseason or regular season and he has been thrown in the fire with an 0-2 team and no running game.  He will have to rely on his mobility to help out the run game and the struggling offensive line.

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