Natural Motion Backbreakers vs San Jose Coyotes | Week 9

Natural Motion beat the San Jose Coyotes 52-27 and while that sounds like a nice blowout, there are concerns that arose from that game.  The Backbreaker’s #1 defense was torched in the 4th quarter by the same qb to wr connection over and over and over again.  Coyotes quarterback Jaden Bowers came into that game with 0 touchdowns and 8 interceptions.  That all changed in the 4th quarter of the game when Bowers connected for 3 touchdowns to the same receiver Addison Roman.  Roman finished the game with 6 catches for 163 yards and 3 touchdowns.

Natural Motion is considered to be a team that is going to be playing in division 1 soon, but if the defense continues to play this way, they will get torched by the D-1 receivers.



Q.Lynch And The Coyotes Defense

Lets not forget………The Coyotes were able to shut down Natural Motions offense in the first quarter and most of the second.  The Coyotes went into the 2nd quarter with a 7-0 lead and held leading rusher Darius Anderson to 2 yards.  Defensive end Q. Lynch was unstoppable in the 1st quarter.  He had 2 tackles for loss and a couple of sacks along with that.  Lynch had an incredible impact on the first half of the game.  His presence cut off half of the playbook, as Natural Motion was no longer able to run to the left side of the field. The Coyotes were able to maintain a 7-0 lead until 1:48 in the second quarter.  The momentum completely shifted after that.



Natural Motion’s Offense

On a positive note, Alexander McLucky made enough plays to keep the ball moving downfield.  With the offense’s strong running game, they don’t need a whole lot from the quarterback position.  McLucky was able to do the simple things like hit the checkdown, complete passes to open receivers, and make at least one big play.  He did turn the ball over once in the 1st quarter when he over threw Cayden Ashmore, but he threw a TD pass to Stezo Woods Jr to offset the pick.  McLucky only threw the ball 7 times and he completed 4 of them, but was also sacked 4 times.  He may never put up impressive numbers in this offense, but McLucky gives them the best chance to win at the moment.

Darius Anderson continues to be the rock of the offense, even though he was shut down in the 1st quarter after gaining only 2 yards.  Anderson carried the ball 17 times for 86 yards and scored 3 touchdowns, to increase his total to 24.  The Backbreakers as a team had 207 total rushing yards, with the help of McLucky, Hedges, Ashmore and backup running back Blake Long.

The receivers produced just enough to keep the pressure off Anderson.  Cayden Ashmore led the team with 2 receptions and 63 yards.  He also carried the ball 1 time for 7 yards and returned a kickoff 41 yards after a failed onside kick by the Coyotes.  Ashmore’s 49 yard catch in the 2nd half of the game setup a Stezo Woods Jr. touchdown, which was the team’s only TD reception.



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