Natural Motion Signs Tight End Davin Cooper – Road To Backbreaker

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Natural Motion Signs Davin Cooper-Road To Backbreaker

Natural Motion rolls the dice again on a position that wasn’t very high on the needs list.  The team signed tight end Davin Cooper to add more fire power on the offensive side of the ball.  Cooper adds much more speed and better hands than Porter Gentry could ever provide.  While Davin Cooper adds another vertical threat, he’s not much more of an improvement when it comes to blocking.

If Cooper can do half of what Dalton Hendricks is doing for this team, it will be a good signing. To sign Cooper, the team had to release tight end Lucas Sanchez, who hasn’t done very much for the team.


Davin Cooper

  • Focus:88
  • Agility:79
  • Speed:84
  • Strength:74
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