Next Man Up! Kamar Jean-Pierre Will Start For New York In Week 3

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If you’re not in the game get in the game

Johnny Manziel’s departure has left the quarterback position in the hands of Kamar Jean-Pierre.  Manziel led New York to a 1-1 record with a less than impressive performance on the field.  Johnny moved on to the CFL and now Kamar has a second chance at being a starting quarterback.  The last time Kamar Jean-Pierre started a game at quarterback was in the NPSFL tournament, where he threw for less than 100 yards passing and lost in the first round.

Replacing Manziel shouldn’t be a problem, because he didn’t have all-star like performances in his short time on the field.  The season is only 10 games, so there is not a lot of time to evaluate talent.  It’s now or never for all of the players in this league.  Jean-Pierre hasn’t been on the field since preseason and he only had 7 pass attempts.  On the bright side, he completed 6 of those 7 pass attempts.

In NPSFL, Jean-Pierre completed only 8 passess on 14 attempts, throwing for only 86 yards in the NPSFL Tournament.  Pierre was the starting quarterback for the Dallas Defenders, but was knocked out of the tournament in the 1st round.  Can he lead this team to the playoffs?  There is not enough evidence to say that he can lead them, but there’s also not enough evidence to say that he can’t.

Head to Head Ratings – Manziel vs Jean – Pierre

  • Johnny Manziel –      Agility Archetype – Ovr 78 – Focus 68 – Agility 99 – Speed 84 – Strength 67
  • Kamar Jean-Pierre – Agility Archetype – Ovr 72 – Focus 63 – Agility 91 – Speed 82 – Strength 61


Head To Head Stats – Manziel vs Jean-Pierre

Of course the comparison is not fair, because Manziel got 50 regular season attempts vs only 7 preseason pass attempts for Jean-Pierre, but it’s the only data we have for now.  Maybe what we should be talking about is the offensive line.  New York allowed 8 sacks in two games and is on pace for 40 sacks allowed.  I’m sure Kamar Jean Pierre don’t wanna take that kind of beating for 10 games, so the running game has to get going to take some pressure off of him.

  • Johnny Manziel – Regular Season – Comp 26-50, 268 yds – 2 TD, 0 INT, sacked 8 times
  • Kamar Jean – Pierre – Preseason –    Comp 6-7, 102 yds – 0 TD, 0 INT, sacked 1 time



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