tight end archetypes and ratings

Tight end is the most over powered position in the Backbreaker Football League.  Backbreaker’s AI loves throwing to the tight end position.  New signups that want a successful player in the league are making a safe choice if they choose tight end.  Tight Ends have a high success rate in the Backbreaker Football League.  

There are 4 different types of tight ends in the Backbreaker Football League.  The 4 types are: vertical threat, blocking tight end, receiving tight end, and H-Back.  All archetypes have 3 tiers (Gold, Silver, Bronze).

vertical THREAT

Backbreaker Vertical Threat Tight End


  1. Faster than most linebackers and safeties
  2. Can run away from most defenders.
  3. Can beat most coverages.


  1. Not the greatest blocker.
  2. May struggle to catch in traffic.
  3. Not very strong.

blocking tight end

Backbreaker Blockingg Tight End


  1. Can get max strength.
  2. Great in pass blocking and run blocking.
  3. Can break tackles.


  1. Very slow.
  2. Doesn’t catch well.
  3. Doesn’t have great agility or acceleration.

receiving tight end

Backbreaker Receiving Tight End


  1. Great hands.
  2. Decent blocking.
  3. Good option against zone coverage.


  1. Not the fastest.
  2. Doesn’t have great acceleration or agility. 


Backbreaker H-Back


  1. Great well rounded athlete.
  2. Great acceleration and agility.
  3. Can play tight end, running back, and slot receiver.


  1. No major weakness.  This build is Godly.