Is Weight Detection In WWE 2K18?

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Short answer: NO.  It doesn’t really exist in WWE 2K18 even though they say it is.  The only sign of weight detection in WWE 2K18 is a watered down gimmick version, using a weight detection moveset.  This is terrible for gaming no matter what type of gamer you are.  I’m tired of seeing little guys like Rey Mysterio lift a heavyweight like the Undertaker with no problem.  Not having weight detection also destroys the image of a beastly created wrestler.  Lets say i create a wrestler like the Incredible Hulk and I put him in a one on one match with Bugs Bunny.  There is no way in hell, Bugs Bunny can lift the Incredible Hulk and Powerbomb him, but WWE 2K18 makes this possible and honestly it’s been about 12 years since the realism of weight detection was in the game.  Smackdown vs Raw 06 was the last game that did weight detection correctly.  When Smackdown vs Raw 07 came around, you witnessed the beginning of the end of the weight detection era.  Hopefully the real weight detection will return in future installments of the game.

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