Pride FC 1 Results & Fighter Bonuses

UFC Undisputed 3 – KO Of The Night

Tim Breton vs Kutte 2 Tim Breton was unable to retain his title in the rematch vs Kutte.  Breton got off to a good start, scoring a knockdown in the first round 1, but Kutte was able to maintain ground control despite being knocked down. The 2nd round went to Tim Breton.  He was able […]

Highlight vs Unknown Jones | Fight Camp

Jiu Jitsu God – FTF MMA Highlight vs Unknown Jones Training Session @UFC Gym – UFC Undisputed 3

UFC Undisputed 3 – Young Swag aka Highlight training session vs Uknown Jones @ UFC Gym. These two fighters will debut in the Pride FC Middleweight Tournament.

FTF MMA League Info

FTF MMA Finish The Fight

Welcome To The League Every fighter will start in the Pride Fighting Championship league, and work his way to the UFC.  To be considered for the UFC, every fighter has to have at least 5 wins.  There are no female fighters in Pride FC, so all women will begin their careers in the UFC.   […]