Joe Gutta Coming To Pride FC

Joe Gutta Coming To Pride FC

After a dissapointing campaign in Strikeforce, Joe Gutta signs with Pride FC where he believes he’ll be champion.  Gutta’s mma record is 18-5, but he was 6-3 in Strikeforce.  Joe has displayed lightning fast hands and an outstanding standup game, but has failed to develop the grappling aspect of mixed martial arts.  Without ground defense, […]

Pride FC 1 Results & Fighter Bonuses

UFC Undisputed 3 – KO Of The Night

Tim Breton vs Kutte 2 Tim Breton was unable to retain his title in the rematch vs Kutte.  Breton got off to a good start, scoring a knockdown in the first round 1, but Kutte was able to maintain ground control despite being knocked down. The 2nd round went to Tim Breton.  He was able […]

Tim Breton Is Now Eligible To Sign With The UFC

Tim Breton - UFC Undisputed 3 - Pride FC

Tim Breton is 5-0 and eligible to sign with the UFC after his spectacular knockout victory over Kutte in Sports Mania 8’s Heavyweight Tournament Championship.  Not only did Breton win the Pride FC Heavyweight title, he finished all 5 of his opponents and the UFC is now ready to make him face of the company.

Tim Breton Is The First Pride FC Heavyweight Champion

UFC Undisputed 3

4 Rounds of brutal fighting and two damaged eyes didn’t stop Tim Breton from bringing home the gold in the Pride Heavyweight Tournament.  The Canadian became the first ever heavyweight to win the Pride Heavyweight Championship.  Breton’s final fight came against Kutte and he was able to finish him from the Muay Thai clinch with […]

South Africa has a Pride FC Lightweight Champion

With all odds stacked against him, the 40 year old wrestler from South Africa is the 1st and new Pride Lightweight champion.  Chaos won belt after competing in a 16 man brutal tournament, which led him to face Cowboy Dallas in the championship fight.  Throughout the tournament, chaos was never rocked and never once faced […]

Near Doctor Stoppage Almost Cost Cowboy A Title Shot-UFC Undisputed 3

Sports Mania 5’s matchup between Cowboy Dallas and Prodigy Fat almost ended in a doctor’s stoppage.  A stoppage would have allowed Prodigy to advance to the semi-finals.  Apparently, the ref called in the doctor to take a look at Cowboy’s right eye, which seemed to be about 99% closed.  After the exam, the doctor allowed Cowboy […]

Pride FC Debuts In Sports Mania

UFC Undisputed 3 Pride FC Wallpaper

Pride FC makes It’s debut on Sports Mania 1 with Showtime Anderson tapping out Dewayne Johnson early in the first round.   Sports Mania 1 Bonuses Knockout Of The Night: Dwayne Walker Jr. Submission Of The Night: Showtime Anderson Fight Of The Night: Dwayne Walker Jr. & Takashi Chung