FTF MMA League Info

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FTF MMA Finish The Fight

Welcome To The League

Every fighter will start in the Pride Fighting Championship league, and work his way to the UFC.  To be considered for the UFC, every fighter has to have at least 5 wins.  There are no female fighters in Pride FC, so all women will begin their careers in the UFC.




MMA fighting careers will last somewhere between 30-40 fights, with everyone starting in Pride.




Fighter progression will take place after each fight.  Created fighters will progress or get worse based upon their performance.  A bunch of losses in the UFC could force you to fight in Pride again, as new up and coming talent rises to take your place.




Fighter retirement can happen before the created fighter completes his/her 30-40 fights.  If a any fighter loses 25 fights, they will be forced into early retirement.  There’s no point of continuing his/her career, because there is no chance of  them having a decent record or Hall Of Fame Honors.  Multi-sport atheletes can be forced into early retirement because of career ending injuries in other sports.  Backbreaker football doesn’t have injuries, but if your fighter is also a basketball player in NBA 2K, a wrestler in 3T, or a football player in Madden/NCAA, career ending injuries are possible.




As of now there is no standard for the Hall Of Fame, but the honor will be given to fighters who have high win percentages, won belts, and those who were exciting to watch.   Being inducted into the Hall Of Fame is gonna be hard to accomplish, since its cpu vs cpu action, but we’ll have to wait to see.


Fighter Bonuses


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