NCAA Football 06 PS2 – 4K PCSX2 Settings

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NCAA Football 06 PS2 – PCX2 Settings

Here a the PCSX2 settings I use for NCAA Football 06.  If you are new to PCSX2, I recommend taking a snapshot of your settings.  Some games require different settings.

My PC Build

  • Processor: I7 3930 K
  • Graphics Card: NVIDIA GTX 1080
  • RAM: 32 GB


GSDx Settings

NCAA Football 06 Ps2 GSdx Settings

I record in 4K resolution also using OBS Studio.



NCAA Football 06 ps2 PCX2 Setting EE IOP




NCAA Football 06 PS2-PCX2 Settings-VUs



NCAA Football 06 Ps2-PCX2 Settings GS Window


GS Window

NCAA Football 06 Ps2-PCX2 Settings GS Window




NCAA Football 06 Ps2-PCX2 Settings-Speed Hacks



Game Fixes

NCAA Football 06 Ps2 PCX2 Settings-Game Fixes

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