New Orleans Privateers Season 3 Plays Of The Year – NCAA Basketball 10

The New Orleans Privateers season 3 plays of the year contains the best offensive and defensive highlights that happened during the championship season.  The Privateers won the National Championship in season 3 with their leader and superstar Oliver Hudson commanding the troops to victory.  Along with Hudson, the Privateers had the best supporting cast around him.  Most notable of all of those players were standout freshman Jeffrey Quinn and Justin Vandeleer, but if you gonna mention those guys, you have to mention Ryan Dunn who hit the shot of all shots to help the Privateers advance in the tournament vs Minnesota.  Without that clutch shot by Dunn, were not having a National Championship conversation.

Other players who played major roles were future superstar Aaron Power, all around player Deon Williams, sniper city Malcom Smith, Grady Bostrom, and under-sized center Buckets Magee.


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